The Umbrella Difference


Umbrella Realty is a tech-savvy, boutique agency with big ideas to change the way Real Estate works.

The Umbrella team are united, independent innovative, dedicated and we work for YOU. 

We aim for 

H  a  p  p  y

Sellers – Buyers

Landlords – Tenants

 We are committed to nurturing connections.


Let’s really cut those commissions!


Umbrella Realty Offer a Highly Competitive Commission Rate of 2.99%

(Instead of the usual 4%-5% and over)

Here is a simple comparison:

Your property sells for $400,000 at 4.5% commission = $18,000

Your property sells for $400,000 at 2.99% commission = $11,960

You save $6,040!


Property Management Fees


With highly competitive management fees in Bunbury at an all-inclusive rate of 11%.

 We pride ourselves as an honest, reliable real estate agency, with no hidden fees, all fees online and a 24-hour phone line.


Professionally developed marketing strategies


Correct strategies make the difference between weeks on the market and tens of thousand dollars.

We develop an innovative, unique and targeted sales strategy that will help you achieve your goals.


The Umbrella Realty Team


Experience the Umbrella Difference